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Cetera Audio

Artist Proposal


Cetera Audio is a company started by producer and guitarist Javier Reyes (Animals as Leaders) and producer and engineer Nick Morzov. The company is targeted towards guitarists, bassists, drummers, and home producers who use common gear such as AxeFXIII (and other Fractal Audio System units), Kemper, and Line 6 Helix. Cetera Audio’s goal is to offer high quality and useful presets that have been used and supported by active professional musicians at a low and reasonable price.. 


  1. Offer Artist Based Presets: Cetera Audio would like to offer Fractal Audio (AxefX, Ax8 etc.) Kemper Profile, Helix Preset Bundles that have been used in the studio or for a performance setting that have been created by the bands and or artists. The Artist Bundles would consist of 8-15 Presets.

  2. Offer Song Ready Presets:  Cetera Audio’s features will be single preset or small preset bundles that will be demo’ed with a song in order for the buyer to know what the presets sound like. This package would consist of 2-5 presets/scenes depending on the demo’ed song and corresponding effects unit (AxeFx, Kemper, etc) 

  3. Offer Drum Samples: Cetera Audio would offers drum samples and/or loops from touring bands for writing or practice purposes. Drum library size may vary depending on the specific artist. 


Splits to Artist

As part of the launch Cetera Audio would offer the participating artists a 70/30 profit split in favor of the artist. 

  • Song Presets: Sold at $5.00 - $10.00

  • Artist Preset Bundles: Sold at $20.00 - $30.00


Initial Artists Roster:

  • Animals As Leaders

  • Emmure

  • Chon

  • Bad Wolves

  • Plini

  • Veil of Maya

  • Eric Moore II

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